A day or a half day of horseback riding to discover the surrounding beauty of the mountainous region - Accompanied by a Moniteur: A visit Historical: A short excursion to discover the historical site of Jean Laborde in the Mantasoa Village 'Hotel. It is the historical figure who created the first industrial site in Madagascar, an interesting discovery.
       The excursion by boat to visit "Nosy Soa". A small island on the lake transformed into a small refuge for the Lemurs and the reforestation of many plants and endemic trees in Madagascar.
       An excursion with a picnic lunch below the Mandraka, 3/4 hrs from the Hotel to visit the reserve "Madagascar Exotic", an opportunity to discover the biodiversity of the stunning Malagasy flora and fauna. The reserve is placed 12Km after the turn of Mantasoa at the bottom of the Mandraka. Nature lovers will be really spoiled by this site, where you can find endemic species of: Chameleons, Butterflies, Crocodiles and Lemurs. A family of "Sifaka" resides in the reserve. A short walk in the reserve. A short walk in the forest and you can live "very close encounter" with these amazing creatures! A picnic lunch will be served in a privileged spot, cut by a river and just across the primary forest. Afternoon walk in the depths of the forest. Nature lovers will certainly not be disappointed.
       A full day excursion to visit the "Andasibe Reserve", home of the largest species of lemur: indri. Lunch at a local hotel. It is necessary to start the stroll in the early morning as the reserve is two and a half hours from the hotel and driving is scenic. We can also take care of the transfer from the airport to the Hotel, from the Hotel to the airport and / or to other places in Madagascar. Airport-Ermitage rate: 65euros